Traditional Aikido of Colorado Springs

Dojo Rules

  • It is each student’s responsibility to cooperate in creating a positive atmosphere of harmony and respect. Respect the Founder and his teachings. Respect the dojo. Respect your training tools. Respect your fellow students.


  • Cleaning and dojo maintenance are acts of thanksgiving. It is the responsibility of all dojo members to help keep the dojo clean and well maintained. If you notice that minor maintenance needs to be performed (e.g., sweeping the mats, cleaning the bathroom sink, collecting trash, dusting) take initiative. Traditionally, this is a role for junior students. If you see one of your sempai (a student who’s senior to you) performing maintenance tasks, offer to take over that task. Major maintenance issues (e.g., leaking pipes, hazardous situations, etc.) should immediately be called to the attention of either your sempai or the dojocho (head instructor). The mats should be swept before each class from inside to out. Never sweep toward the shomen.


  • Membership dues solely support the dojo facilities. It is each student’s responsibility to pay dues on time (by the 5th day of each month). If you are unable to pay dues on time, or you are unable to pay the full amount, please discuss this with the dojo-cho. Based on individual circumstances, alternative arrangements may be possible. Your presence on the mat is a priority.


  • Respect the way the instructor directs training. Receive instruction and carry out suggestions for training sincerely and to the best of your ability. There is no room for argument on the mat.


  • As a dojo, we exclusively practice/teach Iwama-ryu Aikido. If you are joining us with experience in another style of Aikido, our teaching methods, and the way in which we approach practice, may seem unfamiliar. We are certainly open to discussion about differences between styles of Aikido, and discussion about differences between Aikido and other martial arts. These discussions are usually most productive when held after class.


  • To reduce the possibility of injury, please remove all jewelry prior to practice. Also, please keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed short.


  • Make sure your feet are clean prior to stepping onto the mat.


  • The strength of Aikido is not in muscular force, but in flexibility, timing, control, and modesty. Be aware of your limitations. Everyone has different physical abilities and reasons for study. These must be respected. True Aiki is the proper and flexible application of technique appropriate to any changing situation. It is your responsibility to cause no injury to your training partner or yourself.


  • It is each student’s responsibility to mark each training session in the dojo training log. Please mark training days with a “/”. Mistakenly marked days should be marked with an “X”.


  • Mean spirited, disruptive, or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. This dojo is a community with a singular focus on the study of Aikido.


  • Testing is at the sole discretion of the dojo-cho. The timeline shown in the testing guidelines is a “minimum” testing schedule.