Dojo News

24 October 2018: The dojo will be closed from Nov 6th to Nov 13th.  We will have class on Monday the 12th, and we’ll resume a normal training schedule on the 14th.

18 October 2018:  We’ll be holding our first monthly outdoor weapons class on October 28th.  Our primary location is at Palmer Park near the entrance to Lazy Land.  If the weather is excessively horrible, we’ll relocate to the dojo.  Click here for more info!  Feel free to email for more information!

31 August – 1 September 2018:  The dojo is closed.  We’ll be attending the Hitohira Saito Seminar in Denver.

26 August 2018: As of today, Traditional Aikido of Colorado Springs is now a member of the California Aikido Association – Division 1.  (  We are proud to be formally admitted, as a dojo, to the organization that has supported our training over the last 15+ years!

22-29 August 2018: The dojo will be closed.  We’ll be attending CAA annual training.

30 July 2018: I’m out of town on business travel from 30 July through 2 August. Liz will be teaching Monday and Wednesday class this week. Please come out to support your sempai!

15 July 2018:  Sunday classes have been moved to Friday, starting 20 July.

14 July 2018:  We’ll be changing the class schedule over the next two weeks.  We’re eliminating Sunday class, and adding Friday (6:30PM-8:30PM).    There will also be an announcement about outdoor weapons classes, over the next week or so.  We’re currently thinking about holding this 1-2x/month, year round.  We’re searching for a location that is both convenient to the dojo and that allows us to BBQ…  Palmer Park is a good possibility.